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La Nogalera

La Nogalera


This neighbourhood in the centre of Torremolinos is an iconic one for the LGBTQIA+ community. It witnessed the opening of Spain’s first gay bar, Tony’s Bar. Only a few metres from the bar is the Pasaje Begoña, an alley that the Andalusian Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía) and Lower House of Parliament (Congreso de los Diputados) declared it a historic memory site. The Pasaje Begoña was the site of a violent raid that ended with over 100 people arrested.

Its streets host carnivals and food festivals and other leisure events. The Rockin’ Race Jamboree invites locals and tourists to go out and dance and Torremolinos Fashion Week fills the streets with fashion and glamour.



  • Gay friendly
  • Located in an urban area
  • Coastal area

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