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Ruta Mesa de Maxmúllar - Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol

Route Maxmúllar's Table


Departing from the Plaza Balcony of the Axarquía, we take the road towards the Molina and follow the old way, leaving to the left side the source Sanaa and he leads us to the Plain of the Cross to join to Maxmúllar's rail coming to the source public Mañuñez, resting-place and watering place for farm animals. From here it begins the ascent towards Maxmúllar's Table to 724 meters of altitude. Maxmúllar's Table has been studied thoroughly and there have been gathered numerous samples of the subsoil and surface, being diverse pieces of ceramics, amphorae, Mosaic and enclosedly skeletons, for all this there have fought diverse hypotheses, between which it emphasizes that Bobastro was in Maxmúllar's Table. What yes it is possible to confirm is the existence of a population Mozárabe who well could be An Omar Ben Hafsún's refuge. After enjoying his beauties we return on our steps to return to "Hins Comarix" (Comares).


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