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Cueva de la Pileta

Cueva de la Pileta


La Pileta Cave is linked to the Bullón family, as they were the ones who discovered this historic cave. One day in 1905, José Bullón explored a chasm near his house. He observed that at dusk flocks of bats appeared and following the trail, he found the cave that inside had pottery and cave paintings that represented ancient animals. Since then, there have been more discoveries and studies on this cave that found that it date backs to about 150,000 years ago. You can currently visit this cave and we recommend you read up on the details about the visit before going. Do you dare to experience this fantastic adventure?



  • Recommended for families
  • Located outside an urban area
  • Inland area




5€ per ticket
5€ per ticket
8€ per ticket

Note: Prices are a guide only and may change on a daily basis.

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