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Cruces de Mayo. Torrox

Cruces de Mayo - Torrox

  • 3 May 2018

The exaltation of the True Cross has been celebrated since the Reconquest by the Catholic monarchs, for which the Christians made their crosses with religious elements.

La Cruz en Torrox, celebrated on 3 May, is especially characteristic, with a series of altars staggered in an odd number in the shape of a pyramid.

The crucifix, as the most important symbol, is placed on the highest altar with a mirror behind it. Mastranto, an aromatic plant found in the humid areas of the town, is placed on the ground and above it there are offerings of seasonal fruit, flowers, dolls and an apple with scissors in it. There is a belief that the scissors stuck in the apple are for the person who has no faith in the Cross to cut his or her tongue. Vases of flowers featuring white carnations are placed on the sides of the altars and large numbers of leafy pots are placed around them.

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  •  (3 May 2018)

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