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El secreto de las mujeres. Una comedia muy musical - Agenda Ocio Cultural de la Provincia de Málaga y su Costa del Sol.

El secreto de las mujeres. Una comedia muy musical


Man proposes and God disposes, or was it Woman who ended up disposing? The protagonist of El secreto de las mujeres (women's secret) is a man who has grown up among them. One day he decides to dedicate his life to looking for what it is that makes women so mysterious and allows women to have such a powerful influence over men. Mothers, girlfriends, lovers, sisters, women colleagues… some of them must know the secret.

During the search, and affected by all the traumas that he had as a young boy being brought up among women, he ends up with lots of manias: an imaginary female friend, shutting himself in the bathroom to peel onions, not eating meat, seeing his friends and patients as women… The comedy is made up of original musical themes where the spectator is the friend, confessor and psychoanalyst of the main character.


Parking and transport

  • Can be reached by public transport


  • Adapted for people with disabilities
  • Located in an urban area




15€ per ticket

Note: Prices are a guide only and may change on a daily basis.

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